And The Next WoW Expansion is… ???

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What will the next WoW expansion be? There’s really only one more major content patch to go in Mists of Pandaria, and now’s about the time the rumor mill starts spinnin’. BlizzCon 2013 is nigh! But we want your thoughts. Will we be venturing into the Emerald Dream alongside Malfurion? Who knows, but it’s sure to be exciting!

We wouldn’t want to forget about the lady Queen Azshara. You’d think we’d have seen her and the city Nazjatar in Cataclysm, but thus far she’s only made minor appearances. Azshara would be an excellent companion to recent fan speculation about the Naga being the next possible race to be announced. Sadly, Ghostcrawler kinda shot that down by pointing out the Naga’s lack of legs would make it difficult to design armor for them.

There’s always the legendary questline with Wrathion who has been referencing the return of the Burning Legion in much of his quests. Will that lead to demons descending upon Azeroth in the next expansion? Will we FINALLY get to see Sargeras?

And, last, but never least, there’s always … Trolls? WTF, really? More trolls? One wouldn’t really speculate this, but in the same interview that Ghostcrawler killed our Naga dreams, he did mention that trolls were an option the game lore could still explore in future content. Damn.

So, really, we gotta know: What’s your take on this one?

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