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Titan Delayed Until at Least 2016; Development Reset; Majority of Team Assigned to Other Projects


And just like that, the sound of birds chirping in the parks of Irvine were silenced. Citing an unnamed source, GamesBeat is reporting that development of Blizzard’s next-gen and unannounced MMO – known around these parts as Project Titan, of

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BlizzCon 2013 Tickets Go On Sale April 24th And April 27th!

news32 Widgets Tickets for BlizzCon 2013 will go on sale in two different batches, April 24th and April 27th! BlizzCon 2013 is approaching quickly and today via the official BlizzCon 2013 website we found out that tickets will be going

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Sifting Through Rumors – Titan Focus Digs Up Some New Dirt!


The folks over at Titan Focus have uncovered quite a treasure trove of leaked information regarding Blizzard’s upcoming Project Titan. As always, the veracity of any leaked information is always suspect so all we can do is wonder at the

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Titanic Questions


There is no doubt that Blizzard has been one of the most instrumental companies in bringing gaming to the masses. Don’t believe me? Ask a random sampling of World of Warcraft players what’s the first MMO they ever played was.

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Year Of The Titan? BlizzCon Is On!


Blizzard announces the return of its annual convention in 2013; Titan speculation abound! Last year, Blizzard co-founder and CEO, Mike Morhaime, declared that BlizzCon would be “back with a vengeance.” So far, he’s holding up his end of the bargain!

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Looks Like The “Project Blackstone” Domain Is Not Titan Related After All


The teaser site is now live and it’s clearly StarCraft II related A few months ago we reported a story about Blizzard Entertainment registering a new domain name – The registration of the domain started a new round

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New Year, New Rumors: Titan May NOT Be New IP; Console Version Incoming?

Wild speculation is the order of the day once again. Is Titan new or not? Wow. Just one day into the new year and we already have Titan news dripping onto the Internet. Let’s hope this is a sign of

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Blizzard Registers “Project Blackstone” Domain

New domain registration by Blizzard sparks new round of speculation While we know about Project Titan, up until now we knew nothing about “Project Blackstone”. Well, technically we still know very little about either of these things. Except that

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Rob Pardo Interview: His Game Design History, Philosophy, and Involvement in Titan

Rob Pardo gives a detailed interview spanning his early beginnings in the industry to his current role at Blizzard Entertainment, and more Last week Steve Peterson from Game Industry International had a chance to sit down with Blizzard Entertainment’s Chief

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Rob Pardo Interview: “Over 100″ Now Working on Project Titan


Blizzard Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo Trickles Titan Development Info Just as Blizzard only releases their games “when they’re ready,” so too goes their news. The latest “not ready” news comes from none other than Rob Pardo, Blizzard’s Chief Creative

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