Diablo Expansion Predictions

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So when will Diablo 3 Expansion come out and what to expect ?

Lets start with release date, the d3 expansion pack expected to be announced at Blizzcon 2013.

What we know that Wow expansions is almost 2 years between, and 2 and half year with first starcraft 2 expansion Hots.

So with Blizzcon 2013 its 1 & half year after d3 release, we can then calculate and expect that d3 will be release in Q2/Q3 2014. This is based on Blizzard schedules and timetable. Also fits well with Titan release in 2015 approx.

So what to expect of features in d3 expansion pack?

Our Bid: Diablo 3 expansion expected to release summer 2014

We will give these scores on % (percentage) how likely these features we will see in expansion.

1. Talisman: 75% because its highly attractive by the community and give more possibilities to customization.

2. Spell ranks / Runes & Runeskills/spell enchantments 50% 


3. More Gems: 95% as it already introduced with patch 1.07 its ongoing process.


4. Mystic: (Buffs & Enchant Items) 95% as it already stated it is something blizzard want to add to the game. Alter affixes etc.

5. More customization with Followers, 3 skills per line for followers: 40%

6. Crafting improvements/specilazation –  75% upgrade stats of weapon & armor

7. PvP system – 95% Team based system 4 vs 4 etc. Dota style etc? already partly confirmed

Click here to view the embedded video.

8. Item improvements 99% ongoing process and already confirmed in future patches. New Legendary improvements and better drops beyond patch 1.0.8.

9. New Acts, Random Dungeons, event & quests 95%.

10. New  UBER monsters & npcs 95% comes with new act.

11. New Classses 75% Yes its likely as of d2 two new classes was added, what class will be i am not sure currently.


12. Ladder & Esport 75%

13. 8TH PRIME EVIL 90%


What you will most likely not see in expansion:

  • Cube to combine items.
  • Stats Allocation
  • Elexirs (d1)
  • Spell books ( learning d1)


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